About Company

The “Baikal-Forest” LLC (BFC LLC) is one of the largest logging and woodusing enterprises in Zalary, Zima and Kuitun districts of Irkutsk region. The company has necessary production resources and items for operating logging and woodusing activity: leased forest areas for 25 and 49 years (total estimated cutting area comes up to 490 000 m3), own logging and transporting equipment, land plots and industrial bases, railways and railheads.

Productive capacity, qualified specialists and long experience of the BFC LLC allow to produce output in strict compliance with regulatory requirements: includes euro-batten, floor board, edged board, log cabin board etc., which is used for low-height housebuilding. Computer-aided manufacturing process allows to minimize risk of mistakes and breakdown caused human factor. Due to well-functioning checkout system while all production steps, introduction of modern technologies, application of high-tech equipment, the company produces high-quality output, which is in demand on market.

The BFC LLC includes:

  • 6 saw mills;
  • dried wrought wood trim production department;
  • a rounded log production department with capacity about 1000m3 a month;
  • 5 automatic kilns, with single charging 750 m3;
  • car sheds;
  • fuel and lubricant depots;
  • Railway department: rolling stock (2 diesel locomotives, 16 covered trucks, 5 platforms, 28 low-sided cars, weight-bridge);
  • sector of mechanization and technological transport: truck cranes, gantry cranes, lift trucks, MAZ and KamAZ ( heavy-duty trucks), machines and sawmills.

In order to increase recycling rate of wood and improving sawmill waste recovery the company is driving construction of MDF plant in Sayansk town (Irkutsk region) with capacity about 100 000 m3 a year.

The average number of stuff-members of company is about 420 people.

Well-established business dealings, using of own and leased rolling stock allowed to organize efficient timber supply: there are 5 railheads in Zima district and 3 railheads in Zalary district in possession of BFC LLC, with loading capacity up to 40 transport means (cars, platforms, low-side cars).

Monthly supply rate of timber runs up to 40 000 m3.

Baikal Forest LLC follows the principles of careful use of natural resources. Manufacturing process is controlled in accordance with state regulations, with responsibility for safety of people and environment.

The most considerable advantage of the company resides in effective management system, experienced stuff that can face challenges of timber industry developing and further strengthen positions of company in Russian market, as well as in near and far abroad countries.

Solidarity and experience of stuff allows us to achieve set goals and good results and to describe our company as reliable and beneficial partner.